Banana Pyjamas Mascot Costume

Love getting dressed with your buddies or best friends but bored of the same old costume ideas?

This themed party, or Halloween, Get along for a fun time with these Giant Bananas in Pyjamas Mascot costumes that are not only hilarious and awesome but also very easy to carry and promise a day of laughter and memories!

Based on the iconic television series, popular since the early 1990s, The pyjama top of the mascot costume is made of blue and white stripes, with large white buttons. The collar has a "B" patch on one side, and depending on your choice we leave it to you on which banana you want to be! 

So, Wait no more, team up with your best bud and Get in tune with your TV favorites, by donning one of our cartoon costumes at your next fancy dress party or event and you can be sure that you will not feel the need to (banana) split!

 Shipping: Please allow us 2-4 weeks for delivery as we're experiencing huge demand from passionate fans like you.