Postman Pat Mascot Costume

Kid's love to imitate jobs of the grown-ups and seek adventures that are challenging and more fun!.
And if you are on a search for a children's character costume for your offspring for a school dress-up, book event or a costume themed party, then bring a smile onto their face by introducing them to Postman pat, who lives in the fictional village of Greendale.
And With adventures that await him, It doesn't matter if it snows or rains, as nothing can stop Postman Pat from doing his job!

So, Let your kids be their own masters for the day and Transform them into their favorite cartoon character with this fun Postman Pat costume, complete with hat, glasses, and a red bag full of letters!

This costume contains:

Body suit,
Red Bag of letters,
Black shoes.

Shipping: Please allow us 2-4 weeks for delivery as we're experiencing huge demand from passionate fans like you.